What people said about us!

“Thanks for your hard work on called together.
I’ve met someone thru called together and we’ve been in a serious relationship for 1+ years now, and we’re planning on getting married in the near future.
I’ve connected with many others who share the same heart and purpose for His kingdom, it’s been very encouraging. I’ve also introduced this site to many mission-minded singles from my church.
Thanks for the consideration!
Encouraged by you brother, keep up the good work!

God bless,”

“Just wondering if Called Together has a mailing address. Because, my fiance and I would love to send you a wedding invitation, just for fun, since you were the one(s?) who “introduced” us! (Of course, if you feel like showing up, you’re more than welcome to ;-)”

“I met a lovely lady with whom I really connect. Thank You!”

“I’m now dating a wonderful women that I met on this site. Thank you for your help!”

“I met my future wife here. Thank you for your help!”

“I met someone and we got married. Thanks!”

“I’ve met someone thru called together and we’ve been in a serious relationship for 1+ years now, and we’re planning on getting married in the near future.”

“Stephanie and i met on Called together and are Getting Married on Jan 9th. Than you so much for this ministry. could you take me off of the list please.”

“I just wanted to share with you that my wife Emily and I met through your site January 26, 2015. We connected and began a relationship and were married May 18 of this year (2016).”

“We never would have met without this site, and we are so thankful for how God used you to bring us together.”

“I am truly thankful for this site and all God has done through it! Without it I never would have met Joseph, and that is truly amazing.”

“If you ever need anyone to give a recommendation for you, I would be happy to. 🙂 I already recommend CalledTogether to many I meet.”

“I closed my account several months ago and am happily married to my wife whom I met on called together.”

“I opened a Called Together account and met my wife there. We got married less than two months ago and are very happy. Thank you!”

“The reason why I leave calledtogether is because I am getting married in 3 weeks to someone I met on your website 8 months ago. What a huge blessing. Very grateful to you and to the Lord – of course!”

“I met someone on called together and we have taken the step of being in a committed relationship. Very excited to see how God leads us and if marriage will be in our future.”

“I met someone on Called Together and we have started a serious relationship!”

“I originally met someone on here like a year ago, then we had stayed in touch via other sources and a little while back things picked up and have turned into something and we have decided to pursue a relationship now.”

“I met someone on called together that is amazing. Thank you so much for creating the website for people to meet that have a heart for missions.”

“I just wanted to let you know that Brandon and I got married. We met through called together and got married this Dec 4. God has blessed us exceedingly and we are so happy He brought us together. We are enjoying life together in San Diego and just returned from our honeymoon in the Bahamas. I want to thank you for the website and the work you have done in being instrumental in bringing us together.”

I just wanted to send a note to say ¨Thank you¨ for providing a site for Christian people to contact each other and meet who are interested in serving the Lord together! I joined Called Together in January 2015, after deciding that perhaps the Lord wanted me to be a divorced, single missionary or service worker after not finding a spouse to join me in serving God during my 8 years of being single and dating, which even included ending relationships that were leading to marriage. I decided to find out about becoming a short- or long-term missionary and found out about your site when I searched for information on the internet about serving God overseas. I wasn´t going to use the site as a dating site unless God had someone contact me because I was fully committed to remaining single if that was what the Lord wanted. I was in contact with a lady in the Phillipines through the site, who had a similar story about her personal journey in serving the Lord, which was really encouraging, and then on Feb. 10, 2015, was contacted by a divorced Spanish pastor from Spain whose name is Jacob. I knew nothing about the country, had never met anyone from there or considered serving there, and didn´t speak Spanish, but he had taken 5 years of English and thought it might be nice to communicate. I didn´t have a problem with that, but didn´t think anything would come of the communication besides gaining info about the country and whether I might consider going there to serve some time in the future. I admired Jacob´s testimony and thoroughly enjoyed our communication together and his passionate personal relationship with Christ. We had a lot in common, in personality, background, Christian growth, and vision for serving the Lord. I was drawn to his conversion experience and sincere desire to serve the Lord in active ministry for the rest of his life. Soon, we moved from emailing to texting and calling using Viber and What´sApp, and then to Skyping. He put me in contact with some American missionary friends in Spain and America as personal references, and I was moved by their sincere love and appreciation for Jake. Jacob and I enjoyed praying together over Skype and discussing the Bible and our common vision of serving the Lord through serving others and telling others about God. We enjoyed communicating so much that we were contacting each other every day for many hours for some months. Due to the time difference, he was getting up at 4a his time and talking until about 7a (when he had to leave for work), and I would stay up until midnight my time. Then in May, he asked if he could come see me in America. I told him “yes” because communicating via the internet is much different than communicating with the real person, and I didn´t want to continue a relationship with someone if we didn´t feel it would be the Lord´s will. The rest is history! We were married in Feburary as it was a good point in both of our lives to make the commitment and subsequent transitions, and I moved to Spain in July with my teenage daughter. I am now learning Spanish and supporting my husband in his ministry! I thank the Lord that I was able to find someone with whom to share my faith, relationship with the Lord, spiritual journey and service ministry, as well as my life. I was on many internet dating sites during my time as a single person, but none of them seemed to connect me with a person having the same spiritual vision, dedication to God, relationship with Christ, and service vision for which I was looking. Thanks again!

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