Our Distinctives

Welcome to CalledTogether.us!

CalledTogether.us is an international community of believers dedicated to bringing together single adults whose passion is to glorify God through extending His Kingdom with others of similar life calling. CalledTogether.us encourages them to build relationships with mentors, calling-based communities, ministry partners, teams and spouses with whom they can pursue God’s more specific calling on their lives.

About Us:

Our Calling: Extending God’s Kingdom at the Edges.

We have committed ourselves to Jesus as the Lord of our lives. As a result, we live no longer for ourselves and for personal fulfillment. Instead, we live to follow and obey Him by making the extending of God’s Kingdom into all arenas where Jesus is not known the governing principle of our lives.

The Means: In Partnership and Community with Like-minded Others.

God calls people to extend the knowledge of Christ in a variety of ways into people groups or into arenas where He is not known. We believe He is glorified when believers commit themselves each other to accomplish these goals, through organizations, networking, communities, 2-by-2 partnerships and/or families. We also acknowledge that marriage is the most powerful of these God-ordained partnerships, and family is the most enduring basis of community. Rightly done, marriage strengthens our faith and purpose, increases our capacity and longevity, and fulfills God’s intent to see godly families bless all the families of the earth.

Distinctives of CalledTogether.us

CalledTogether has four distinctives chosen to better enable singles with a kingdom-advancing calling on their lives find life-long encouragement, fellow workers and life partners.

1) We Follow Jesus:

We don’t all come from one denomination or theological viewpoint, but we all seek to exalt Christ as Lord and to follow him in everything. You can read our Statement of Faith to see the outline of our beliefs. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or pushback on these, as we are happy to help you wrestle through these things.

2) We Value Calling:

We must always seek to understand what God is doing in us and through us to fulfill His purposes on earth, in other words, to understand our calling. Decisions about all aspects of our lives become simplified and clarified when we seek first that which will enable us to fulfill God’s plan. CalledTogether.us therefore encourages people seek God’s calling on their lives, and clarify what they would hope to spend their lives doing, in partnership with others, including a godly spouse.

Many friendships or marriages are built on other things, like hobbies and personality types and personal habits. How much better to base long-term relationships and marriages on common convictions of the heart and passions, following God’s calling on ones life! CalledTogether.us hopes to connect you to many others with a similar calling. Therefore, though it might seem intimidating or limiting to answer questions about calling, we hope that you will give it your best shot and feel free to update it as God reveals more to you about how you can help Him in His work on earth.

3) We value community and mentoring:

a) Communities strengthen callings. We desire for you to develop stronger relationships with your families and communities in which you live, and also with others on this site who share a similar commitment to God’s purposes and to your specific calling. Relationships are healthier and stronger when they are fostered in community. It is our hope that many group discussions on CalledTogether.us will revolve around the common and unique visions and passions God has given us and will help each of us persevere, be more effective, and remain steadfast through the joys and trials of living life for God’s purposes.

b) Mentors provide relational wisdom. Historically, life-long relationships began in the context of geographic communities, parents, family and friends who all knew each other well. Today, these same contexts often do not exist, and it can be a long and lonely journey for those hoping to connect with others, or to find a spouse, with a similar calling. Godly mentors, parents and friends are a great help for single adults seeking those to share vision with or partner with. This website is unique in that it allows and encourages each single person who signs up to have a mentor (or a mentor couple) who are committed to them sign up with them. Your mentor joins with your invitation and has full access to the site. He/she can participate in helping you discover others with a similar calling. With your permission, they can help you find potential spouses, check out the possibilities without making you vulnerable, and even counsel you through a pre-marriage and post-marriage process. There is no charge for these mentors to join.

4) We value marriage:

This site helps Kingdom-advancing single adults find lifelong friendships, partnerships, community, and gatherings based on callings; however, a primary goal is to encourage marriages to develop between those with shared callings and convictions. Why?

a) God uses marriage to advance His Kingdom. In Genesis, God said, “It is not good for man to be alone.” because He could not accomplish His plan for the world if Adam was not married with a family. Since that time, God has repeatedly chosen godly men and women, and even their families and descendants, to carry forward His plan to restore His Kingdom on earth. Also, in days of ungodliness, Paul said it is best for each man to have his own wife and each woman her own husband (I Cor. 7:2). God called Paul to remain single to enable him to travel constantly, but the disciples fulfilled their callings while married. Committed single adults can fully enjoy and extend God’s kingdom, as the monastic movements fully demonstrated. However, throughout history God has called the vast majority of people to minister in and through the marriage and family structure.

b) God uses marriage to depict His Kingdom. God uses the example of marriage and family repeatedly to describe the kind of committed loving relationships He desires to have with us, His bride, His children. He is both blessing the families of the earth through believing families, and He is also creating a kingdom, which is a deeper eternal spiritual family.

c) God uses marriage to sanctify us. Marriage and family help strip from us all pretense of godliness, and put us in commitments of love powerful enough to force us to depend fully on God as we grow in Christ-like character. Your life is not primarily about finding self-fulfillment—it is about glorifying God. Too many make decisions about marriage based on whether it will fulfill them, “make them happy,” or limit them, forgetting that God has instituted marriage for far more important reasons. Luther once commented that he sought transformation of his character in the monk’s cell, but only found it in marriage.

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