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Want to know more before you join? Here are answers to a few common questions:

How much does it cost?
We charge $10 per month for most of our users, and your first month is 50% off.

How many singles are on the site?
We launched in March 2014 and have quickly grown to more than 1700 members.

How secure is this site?
CalledTogether is an open community, meaning that we don't require background checks or special approval to join. Thus, we recommend that you handle your information as you would on Facebook. Use a nickname if your situation demands it, and you don't have to say what country you are living in if that would stress you out—you can give your general region instead. Once you register, you'll have a lot of control over your privacy. There are a few layers to your profile, and the bottom layer, the Secure Profile, will only be visible to those whom you approve as a contact. You can put any sensitive information there, and directly control who sees it.

Do you partner with agencies/organizations?
We are always looking to partner with agencies, and we have already built more than 10 agency partnerships. Partner agencies receive a discount code for their singles. In exchange, they agree to invite their singles to use our site—its that simple. If you are from a sending agency, and would like to get a discount for your singles, please contact calledtogetherus@gmail.com and request your discount code.

Your domain name is dot 'US'; do I need to be from America to use the site?
Not at all! Our domain name should be read 'us' not U.S. It points to our hope that many new couples will come together through the site—no longer 'you' or 'me' but 'us'. We welcome anyone who is English speaking (we'd like to expand into Spanish as well, if anyone is willing to translate the site for us - gerinteed@gmail.com)

Can I check out the site before paying?
Our system doesn't allow for this at the present time, and we try to keep the system somewhat closed for security/privacy reasons. If you do try the site and quickly decide it isn't for you, just e-mail calledtogetherus@gmail.com and request a refund. We'll more than likely oblige.

Who is talking about CalledTogether?
Christianity Today, NPR, Christian Post, HeadShrink, Brigada, SingleRoots, Mission Frontiers, IJFM, SingleVision, and more.

Does CalledTogether have a statement of faith?
We do; we've adopted the World Evangelical Alliance statement of faith. If you don't agree with what is on this statement, this probably isn't the ideal site for you.

Do I have to live overseas in order to use this website?
No. The singles on this site have a zeal to see Christ loved and known among all nations—either through serving overseas directly, or though faithful work in a mobilization/supporting role. If you are not at all interested in cultures other than your own, there are other wonderful services that would likely be a better fit. We specialize in connecting Christians who share a calling to advance God's kingdom at the edges. If you feel called to work as a mobilizer or kingdom professional, you are most welcomed to join, just make sure you explain that in your profile.

Why should I use CalledTogether.us over the 1000s of alternatives?
Our site isn't the fanciest one out there—we are just getting started. But ~95% of your matches on any of the leading alternatives (eHarmony, Match, etc.) will be fundamentally unwilling to move cross-culturally. If you want to serve overseas, CalledTogether is the only site which allows you to sift through the fluff and view only those matches who share your calling. In addition, CalledTogether helps connect you with friends, future teammates, strategic partners, and resources related to your calling. Finally, CalledTogether is operated and guided by leaders who are passionate about the gospel. If you are going to vote with your dollar, we hope you will consider us, not only for what we offer presently, but also for what we are seeking to build.

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