Respect the Journey…

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Respect the Journey...
Blog Post 2016:

It dawned on me recently, while travelling around the world with my team, that everyone is on their own journey. We have journies of the body and journies of of the soul. Every journey is completely unique. Every person on this planet right now is unique. I’ve tried to box people before in an attempt to understand them, but I cannot. There is no-one alive at this moment in time who is just like you. Never was, and never will be. I have sometimes tried to comfort others by saying, “I know exactly what you’re going through!” My revelation is that this is not quite possible. We have different eyes that we see with, different perceptions, unique mindsets, differing convictions, and original backrounds. How enthralling that everyone has a dynamic, and that we can sync with others’ dynamic personalities. As we move through this life, our outward experience of life often affects our inward journey. We are constantly changing. I have something to say to my friends who often discussed their dislike of change, “Honey, you’re it! Haha.” Heaps of grace is needed to walk alongside someone who is trudging uphill on their inner journey. As Jesus says, “Blessed are the merciful, for they wil be shown mercy.” Matthew 5:7. A year long global mission with the same two people is quite life changing! we travelled from PE to Namibia to Durban, and home. Then we set off to Utrecht in the Netherlands, and from there to Nepal, and from Nepal to India. Along the road, God told Sally (*Name has been changed) to decrease her depression medication. He gave her specific instructions in a dream on how to do it. She also walked this road with her doctor. In Durban she halved her dose. In Utrecht she was on a half dose every second day, WHILE ON MISSION IN A FORIEGN COUNTRY! The day we set off on a hike into the mountains of Nepal to take the gospel to the villages there, Sally took her last half-pill. Sally is not a fan of too much change at one time. Well, she got an onslaught of it. She was pushed to her absolute limit. All of us were. There were only ‘longdrop’ toilets, that we also had to use as ‘showers’. Basically, there were no comforts whatsoever. And Jesus was there for her every step of the way! She could only take a day, a step at a time. She could only take every hour a step at a time. Despite her absolute fatigue and unstable emotions, she led the praise and worship sessions, preached, and shared her story. From Day 1 -after taking her last dose- she confessed that she was healed from depression. So many people needed to hear it too! So many people were really sick and weary of fighting disease and eventual depression for so long. Sally could pray and cry with them because she understood. Jesus really uses broken vessels for His Glory! One lady from the buddhist village came to listen to us share teaching one evening. She came to the front for prayer. She was in pain. Sally started praying for her and experienced random pains in her lung and side. The sweet lady said that she had TB. Sally prayed again and the lady’s pain and discomfort left and she could breathe easily! She asked to receive Jesus. What a moment! She came the next day healed and ready to hear the teaching on baptism and Holy Spirit. Jesus You’re Awesome! I want to conclude with my realisation that there is One Person who really understands. He knows every thought, and experiences every step of our journey with us, inside and out. That’s Jesus. What a friend. What a companion. He is our strength! We are never alone!

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